Pokemon GO: Which Gen 3 Pokemon Hatch from Each Egg

Pokemon GO: Which Gen 3 Pokemon Hatch from Each Egg

Pokemon GO players are now able to collect more Gen 3 Pokemon as many fan-favorite characters from the Hoenn region have been added to the game. The update also means that more Pokemon have been added to eggs, but which Gen 3 Pokemon can be hatched?

Not all of the Gen 3 Pokemon planned to release in the game have arrived yet as this is a gradual rollout. However, Pokemon GO players have been able to figure out which Gen 3 characters in the game so far can be hatched from which type of egg.

Highlighted by the handy infographic below, the 2KM pool of eggs includes: Normal-type Pokemon Poochyena and Zigzagoon, Bug-type Pokemon Wurmple, Psychic-type Pokemon Spoink, and Poison-type Pokemon Gulpin.

The list of Gen 3 Pokemon available in 5KM eggs is far more substantial and includes: the three starter Pokemon, Torchic, Mudkip, Fighting-type Pokemon Makuhita, Grass-type Pokemon Seedot and Shroomish, Normal-type Pokemon Skitty, Normal and Fairy-type Pokemon Azurill, and Psychic-type Pokemon Wynaut. It should be noted that Wynaut and Azurill are egg exclusives and can only be caught via hatches. Duskull and Shuppet (the Ghost-type Pokemon introduced for Halloween) are also listed.

Pokemon GO Gen 3 eggs

And finally, 10KM eggs contain Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon Ralts and Normal-type Pokemon Slakoth. Sableye, another Ghost-type Pokemon from Halloween can also be hatched from 10KM eggs, notes the chart.

Gen 3 eggs have not been available for long but Pokemon GO players are already voicing their displeasure at the possible hatches. After Sableye was available plenty in the Halloween event, it’s frustrating to see the character take up space in the 10KM egg pool. No one wants to walk all that distance or use a super incubator only to find a Pokemon that they already have.

Moreover, players are disappointed to see that there are so many possible hatches from 5KM eggs. Pokemon GO players argue that the pool of possible hatches from 5KM eggs is already large enough. By adding more characters it makes the possible hatches even more varied, also lowering the odds of players hatching a Pokemon that they really want (i.e one of the new Gen 3 characters).

Niantic isn’t done introducing the Gen 3 Pokemon just yet, meaning that changes to the eggs could be on the cards. Hopefully, the developer will make the possible hatches a bit more evenly spread to save players from doing all of that walking for poor hatches.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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