Aishiteruze Baby - 23 - Two Box Lunches

Published: January 10, 2018

Kippei makes two box lunches, one for Yuzu and one for Kokoro. Kokoro gives her lunch to Kippei in return for him making one for her. While they eat, her father calls asking her to collect the rest of her things from the house, although she doesn't tell anyone about the call. At preschool, the children are supposed to write a letter to someone important to them. Marika decides to write a letter to Yuzu, but Yuzu writes her letter to Kippei. Yuzu offers to change her letter, but Marika tells her to keep it as it is. Yuzu tells Marika they are still friends. At her apartment, Kokoro tells Kippei she doesn't want to get any closer to him.

Aishiteruze Baby PG-13+

Aishiteruze Baby is a shōjo romance manga by Yoko Maki. It was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon from April 2002 and January 2005 and collected in seven bound volumes. It was adapted as a 26-episode ani...read more

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