Update 1.0 and The Future

Well as you all know we have been in a roller coaster for a while with ups and downs although it is kind of entertaining and exciting to see our flaws and success we are not just one group of college kids anymore.


Unfortunately we were not able  to save our data from our previous server due to a lack of communication with the admin and staff, we lost more than half a year worth of content and manually have to recover most of it. After allot of back and ford with some of our staff; there was very little that we could do. we apologize in advance and we are thankful if you decide to stay. As we will grow and learn from our past mistakes.

Our  purpose is to give our audience the best content there is and we work hard to make it possible.

Whats is next in the ramen book?

With a more abroad ambition and new goals, we wanna be able to do something more meaningful to our audience and with that in mind, we decided to take randomramen to a whole new level as we are setting up more indep news and critic reviews also offering the latest promotional videos in the anime and gaming industry as well movies/tvshows reflecting the pop culture and its roots.


Whats New on randomramen 1.0

We added games to our bowl and also more indep reviews.

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